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About Us

The Internet Central Network started out in 1996 as a personal project, cataloguing web sites that I regularly used on a day to day basis. A major system crash wiped out all my data and bookmarks. Needing to find a more secure way to store my data I started creating an index of all my favorite web sites unto floppy disk and later DVD.

A few internet newbie's started asking where the best places to get specific information on the internet. I gave my list of web sites to several people and before I know it more and more people were asking me for my list. They also wanted me to add new categories and to send them my updated listed regularly.

This became a full time project, because the demand was so great. I then decided to make my lists available online to make it easier to manage. I used the free web space that came with my Internet Access Service to make my lists publicly available. But each time I change my ISPs I have to email everyone my new web site address. So in 1999 we launch our first dedicated web site. 
Following on the same principle as I started out, people request what they want on our web site and we try and provide it for them. We have now grown into a large network of web sites, all due to the support of our users and partners.

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